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Our team includes includes teachers who have worked for over 10 years in UK primary schools.

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Places to explore....

What can you see? Think of buildings, features, shapes and colours.

What might you able to hear?

How do you feel standing in these places?

The villains

Give this character a name.

What mysterious power could he have?

Describe his facial features in detail: What can they tell us about his personality?

Where could a creature like this come from? Is he man? Deamon? Or something else...?

Look closely at the fine details of the clothing and face. What do they reveal about this supernatural being?

Use the prompt planner to collect words that will help you in sentence construction

This planner can also be used to 'magpie' ideas from more confident classmates.

We also use these sheets as constraints for MAT writers - the are NOT allowed to use the words on their sheet - This makes them think deeper about their vocabulary choices

The template is useful to collect vocabulary. This is a great way for reluctant writers to engage in the writing process, they can then use the vocabualry prompts to helo them in their sentence construction.